About WS

We Build Enterprise Management Solutions

WS, Inc. develops, licenses and supports software for the management of computer networks, systems, applications and services. WS is the recognized leader and expert source for products and services based on standards-based management technologies including the Common Information Model (CIM), Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM), the Storage Management Initiative (SMI), the Common Diagnostic Model (CDM), the Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) Initiative, the Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH) Initiative, Web Services for Management (WS-Management), Virtualization Management (VMAN) Initiative, and others for IT Professionals, Data Center Managers, Vendors, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), and Developers.

Gain a competitive edge for your company or enterprise when you partner with WS to develop and deploy standards-based management technologies that will improve interoperability, reduce product time-to-market and lower your total development cost, ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).