Provider Development

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The WS Provider Development Service allows companies to retain the services of WS' experienced development staff to assist them in creating WBEM enabled management instrumentation while maintaining ownership of the developed code.

  1. Architecture - A design document that describes the overall management architecture for the managed elements (e.g., devices, applications, etc.). This document includes the WBEM Server, Providers, protocol adapter(s) and security, as well as any specific areas that need to be addressed.
  2. Model Agreement - A document that describes an agreed upon Common Information Model (CIM) model and Managed Object Format (MOF) schema.
  3. Instrumentation Interface Training - WS staff are trained at your location on your instrumentation interfaces.
  4. Model Cross Reference - A document mapping your management instrumentation interfaces to the agreed upon CIM model.
  5. Alpha - The WBEM Server infrastructure and a subset of the Providers for review, including a working CIM model and source code.
  6. Beta - Fully functioning Providers with some testing and bug fixing still to be completed.
  7. FCS - Fully functioning Providers
  8. Training (Optional) - WS can provide in-house training on the Providers developed - The "Why, How, and What's Next" based on actual production code.
  9. Support/Maintenance (Optional) - WS can provide optional support and/or maintenance for your WBEM Providers.

For more information, please contact sales.