WS WBEM Workshop Last Updated 06/23/2016

The WS WBEM Workshop tool is a framework that allows the addition of features through plug-ins.

Supported and Available Plug-ins:

  • CIM Browser

    The CIM Browser allows a user to browse a CIM-based schema to retrieve class definitions. The tool retrieves class definitions from a namespace on a target system or from the local repository of the CIM Browser.

  • Log Viewer

    The Log Viewer plug-in enables the viewing of Log files which is a file that lists actions or events that have occurred from an application, a server or system. This first version of Log Viewer allows reading of Log Files that are based on the Java default logger DTD that is used by the java.util.logging.XMLFormatter.

  • Service Location Protocol (SLP)

    The WBEM Service Location Protocol (SLP) plug-in is a tool used to locate or find WBEM Services.

  • WBEM Indication

    The WS WBEM Workshop Indication Tool is used to subscribe for indications and display the results to the screen.

  • WBEM Operations

    The WBEM Operations utility allows a developer to browse and manipulate CIM elements on any WBEM Server that supports CIM-XML and WS-Management as defined by the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF). This tool is designed to assist a developer in creating and testing WBEM applications and instrumentation providers.

  • Job Control

    The Job Control is a WBEM Workshop plugin that is used to easily monitor jobs in a WBEM server.

  • Message Registry Editor

    The Message Registry Editor allows the user to conveniently edit message registries. A message registry defines messages that can be used to return errors.

  • Change Request Tool

    The Change Request Tool allows the user to create a Change Request to the Distributed Management Task Force organization. A Change Request is submitted to add or change classes to the CIM Schema.

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