WS Testing Services (WS-TS)

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Need help testing your WBEM-enabled product? WS is uniquely able to lessen your testing and QA burden with our development tools, test tools, intimate conformance test suite experience and our unparalleled CIM and WBEM expertise.

WS now offers CIM and WBEM-enabled product testing to compliment QA teams, and ensure that your products correctly and efficiently support WBEM Management (CIM-XML and WS-MAN), CIM Standards, and various Management Initiatives (CDM, DASH, SMASH, SMI, etc.).

WS Testing Services (WS-TS) comprehensively address the following areas:


WBEM-enabled products use CIM to define the data model. This is the foundation of the WBEM management interface. WS-TS testing will ensure that your data model extends from the CIM Schema correctly.


WBEM-enabled products support an underlying set of management profiles, standards and Initiatives. To ensure interoperable management, standard conformance must be ensured throughout the product development cycle to all of the standards. WS-TS ensures that your product conforms to these standards by executing applicable standard conformance test suites against your product on a schedule defined by you. We analyze the conformance test results and communicate detailed root causes for all failures along with recommended solutions.

Vendor Extensions

Many vendors support WBEM-enabled management that is above and beyond the requirements of the supported management profiles. Vendor extensions are not tested by standard conformance test suites. WS-TS provides customized testing and analysis of vendor extensions.


Need to compare the performance of your WBEM management interface to the performance of your proprietary management interface? WS-TS will provide the performance data necessary to compare WBEM management performance to traditional management performance.


WBEM support introduces an abstraction layer to products on top of native management interfaces. As a result, management of products leveraging WBEM management interfaces will differ from native management interfaces. WS-TS will provide the scalability data necessary to compare WBEM management scalability to traditional management scalability.

Type of Testing:

  • Schema
    • WS will validate the integrity of the MOF Files, review each class and provide recommended areas of improvement.
  • Protocol Testing
    • CIM-XML & WS-Management
    • Testing will be completed for each WBEM protocol and transport (e.g. HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Operations
    • Every WBEM operation will be testing (including Pull ops)
  • Instances
    • Validate model integrity (e.g. associations, …)
    • Validate CIM requirements
    • Validate profile requirements
  • Registered Profile configuration including Central and Scoping Algorithm
    • Verify that the profiles are registered properly, proper versions per the specification and that all central/scoping algorithms work properly.
  • Profiles
    • We will test each profile to validate it against the rules in the specification.
  • Jobs
    • If Jobs are supported, we will verify that the job can be monitored.
  • Indications
    • Verify Subscription
    • Verify Advertisement
    • Verify Indication Delivery (when fault can be applied)
  • Recommendations
    • WS will include recommendations based on the findings during the testing process

Cost: (per implementation)

WS has various pricing options available as noted below, and can also customize a plan to compliment your Quality Assurance Process and release cycle. If this is your first time taking advantage of this service we recommend two weeks worth of testing - one to get the initial report from WS to implement and another once you have implemented the suggested changes to verify the changes. If you have previously had your implementation tested, and have made some additional changes one week may be enough to validate those changes, enhancements, etc.

  • One week $ 4,000
  • Two Weeks $ 6,000
  • One Month $10,000

Limited Time Offer - Expires July 31, 2013

  • 25% Discount for DMTF Member Companies
  • 25% Discount for SNIA SMI-Lab Member Companies
  • 50% Discount for Current WS Customers

How to enroll:

Contact sales for more details.


All results and recommendations will be kept confidential.