WS SDK Professional Edition

The WS SDK Pro is the industry standard development environment for designing, modeling, debugging and developing CIM, WBEM, CDM, DASH, SMASH and SMI products. The WS SDK Pro provides a rich set of tools for creating enterprise level interoperable WBEM Agents and Client Applications. The SDK includes a working copy of the WS J WBEM Server *.

Note: *The WS J WBEM Server is licensed for developer use only and cannot be redistributed or resold. For redistribution license contact sales.


Development Utilities

  • MOF Compiler - Compiles MOF files into the CIM Repository.
  • MOFCompList - Only compile in the list of classes needed from a schema.
  • MOFInclude - Generate the main MOF include file from a directory tree containing a schema of MOF files.
  • MOFStyle - Format MOF files.
  • SchemaDiff - Compares 2 CIM Schemas and generates a report of the differences.
  • SchemaTest - Test 2 CIM Schemas to ensure that backward compatibility rules are not broken.
  • WBEMOp - Command line utility to execute WBEM Operations.
  • WBEMInd - Command line utility to exercise WBEM Indication processing.
  • WBEMMethod - Command line utility to invoke WBEM Methods on CIM Classes (static) or CIM Instances.
  • WBEMExtract - Command line utility to extract the contents from a WBEM Agent to MOF or XML files.
  • Mofmorph

Conversion Tools

CIMMorph will dynamically get a class from a WBEM Server and generate the requested mapping. MOFMorph will generate the requested mapping for all the CIM Classes defined in the supplied MOF files.

The following mappings are supported:

  • HTML - Documentation for MOF files - use this to publish your Schema definition for your customers.
  • XML - CIM-XML format.
  • XSD - WS-CIM format - use this to publish your XSD files and supply to your customers.

Code Generation Tools

  • Generate Java™ client application source code from a CIM class or a set of MOF files.
  • Generate Java™ provider source code from a CIM class or set of MOF files.


  • Linux
  • Solaris SPARC
  • Windows



  • Java™
    • Java WBEM API (JSR48)
      • CIM-XML
      • WS-Management
    • Open SLP Java API


  • Java™ - JSR48
  • CMPI - Common Manageability Programming Interface.

Example Programs

  • Examples for how to implement a profile using JSR48 and CMPI.
  • Example Java application for discovering the implementation using SLP and managing a profile.


  • Client Developer Guide
  • Provider Developer Guide
  • WS SDK User Guide
  • WS SDK Installation Guide
  • WBEM Server User Guide
  • CIM Overview
  • WBEM Overview
  • CIM Schemas 2.9 to 2.25 documentation (HTML), MOF, XML and XSD files.

Supports Industry Standards

  • Common Diagnostic Model (CDM)
  • Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware(DASH)
  • Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware (SMASH)
  • Storage Management Initiative (SMI)
  • Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM)
  • Common Information Model (CIM)
  • Service Location Protocol (SLP)
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • WS-Management
  • Plus many many more...

For more information about the the WS products please contact sales.